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Kenwood Speakers

Get the best sound in your car with these kenwood speakers! The 6996ps series provides 650 watts of audio power, so you can hear the music you want to listen to without feeling overwhelmed. The 9 6 waysoft tuning system ensures good sound quality even for heavy listening. Finally, the built-in speaker still offers excellent sound quality despite being an electric vehicle.

4X Kenwood  6X9" 4 Way coaxial Car Speakers 1200W replacemen

Top 10 Kenwood Speakers 2022

The kenwood speakers are the perfect solution for use in business and other large groups. With a large 160-watt rating, these speakers are powerful and easy to work with. The two-way speaker system provides clear and loud sound with excellent sound quality.
kenwood speakers are the perfect solution for your audio needs. These 2-way car audio door speakers are 300 watt max and work with any vehicle. They have a standard 1 5/8 inch diameter drivers and are quality anodized aluminum. They have a green backlight and are lustrously beautiful to look at.
the kenwood speakers are perfect for movie screenings or other smaller gatherings where you'll need a large sound system. With an sizes of 1666s or 1666s+ the kenwood speakers are sure to give your group a sound system that shea unlike any other.